2010 Kinetika Winners

Congratulations to both entrants who each received $2500 thanks to the sponsorship of the TSB Community Trust.

Section 1: Artist Designs & Builds

Design Title: Rocker

Finalist: Tony Nicholls

Though I was born in New Plymouth and went to NPBHS, I now live in Hamilton.

After graduating from Otago School of Art in the early Eighties I made sheet steel sculptures and designed and made acoustic guitars. A resulting interest in acoustics and mechanical vibrations led to the making of kinetic artworks.

Infrasound is sound below the human threshold of hearing and beyond normal perception points that reach to realities we don't normally perceive. This has been the focus of my recent works while studying Bachelors and Masters Degrees at Wintec.

The works are visual amplifiers of the unseen which, importantly for me, also explore relationships between forces, materials and inferred meaning.

Section 2: Artist Designs, Fabricator builds

Design Title: Soma Cube

Finalist: James McKillop

I would certainly call myself an 'engineer' ahead of an 'artist', however I think the two are not really that dissimilar. I think we are all designed in God's image to be creative.

For me, a lot of that creativity is expressed in my job as a design engineer for Independent Technology Ltd (ITL). But I do also have a love for art and sculpture, so what a great opportunity this kinetika competition is giving people like me!

Now if I was a real artist I think I'm supposed to say that my work is inspired by trying to find a harmony between the simple and the complex, and memories of solving puzzles as a child... but really I just think it's a cool shape, made from cool materials and fabricated by a great company, Superior Stainless.

Soma Cube: built by Superior Stainless Ltd

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