2014 Kinetika Winners

You design & build

Supreme Award - Raewyn Turner and Brian Harris (Auckland)


ITL’s You design & we build

ITL’s Supreme Award – Only the Essence Remains – Nastassja Imiolek (Auckland) | Fabricator Wells



ITL’s Highly Commended Award – Feather Fall – Sam Hagmann (Taranaki) | Fabricator Howard Wright Ltd



ITL’s Commended Award – Pure New Zealand – Jia Fang (Wellington) |Fabricator Rivet



Great Ideas

Supreme Concept Award – Dance for Insects – Timo Khalen (Germany)

Highly Commended Concept Award – Just Breathe – Amanda Firman (Wellington)

Commended Concept Award – The Visitor – Jozsef Tasnadi (Hungary)


Taranaki student design & we build

Supreme Award – Scared Animal – Matthew Tait (Highlands Intermediate School) | Fabricator EHL Group



Highly Commended Award – Swan – Andrew Coles (Highlands Intermediate School) | Fabricator Steelfab Ltd



Commended Award – The Blind Clock – Kiana Armstrong (Coastal Taranaki School) | Fabricator Wells



Student design & we build

Supreme Award – A matter of time – Rebecca Pratt (Hawera High School) | Fabricator Wells




  • The Massey University Ngā Pae Māhutonga School of Design,
    Design Innovation Award | Prize of $1,000

Migrant Polar Bear –Jia Fag


  • The Massey University School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (SEAT) Excellence in Engineering Innovation
    Scholarship Award/s up to the combined value of $10,000

A matter of time – Rebecca Pratt


What's Happening?

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