In 2010 the inaugural kinetika was organised and presented by the Taranaki Arts Community Trust (TACT). "kinetika™" when launched was New Zealand's first and only festival of kinetic art.  TACT worked in conjunction with a group of committed Taranaki engineering companies/organisations including Transfield Worley, ITL Engineering and the Engineering Taranaki Consortium (ETC) to realise the event. The festival was presented in New Plymouth, New Zealand over a nine day period in early December 2010 and was originally inspired by three themes:

  • New Plymouth is the spiritual home of Len Lye, one of the world’s foremost kinetic artists.
  • New Plymouth is in the region of Taranaki which boasts a large and innovative engineering sector and
  • New Plymouth hosts a huge community of inspirational artists.

The original concept was also about celebrating beauty and innovation through kinetic art. The potential to create and/or foster the following through the presentation of kinetika was also envisaged:

  • To create a new niche centre of expertise for New Zealand’s engineering industry
  • To encourage, recognise and reward collaborations between art, engineering and motion
  • Enable engineering skills to be seen in new light
  • Encourage new interest, entrants, youth to explore engineering, art and design
  • Changes perceptions about engineering and the industry in its broad sense
  • Enables ‘art’ to be appreciated in a new light by a new audience
  • Added dimension for engineering, art and design  industries to promote  skills, development and innovation

After a very successful event in 2010, TACT approached the Taranaki Arts Festival Trust (TAFT) with a view of TAFT presenting kinetika in the future. After wide consultation TAFT agreed to take on the task of presenting kinetika and as a result TAFT was delighted to present kinetika 2014.

TAFT also presents WOMAD NZ, The Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular, Tropfest NZ and the Taranaki International Arts Festival. The trust also manages the TSB Showplace.


What's Happening?

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Aug 18, 2014
Finalists in three Kinetika™ Festival categories have been decided following...
May 8, 2014
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Apr 14, 2014
Revamped Kinetika Festival inspires past winner   Fusing engineering design...